Auto air conditioning is not just a major convenience that keeps drivers comfortable in the hot summer months and helps prevent driver fatigue but also provides you with safety.

The auto AC system is responsible for controlling the vehicle’s cooling, air filtering, humidity control, and assists in providing you with a clear view of the road. However, like any other systems of your vehicle, an automotive air conditioner needs to
be checked to make sure that it is functioning properly. One of the most common air conditioning problems is leakage.

We determine the location of a system leak by:
● Add a fluorescent dye to the AC system along with enough refrigerant to operate the air conditioning system in a fully pressurized state
● circulate the dye throughout the system
● A technician then uses a special UV light and glasses to inspect all the lines, connections and components of the air conditioning system.

Since refrigerant is essential to your car, because it lubricates your entire AC system, the best thing you can do to prevent major repairs is to have your AC system checked annually.

At Uni-Body Auto Collision , we can thoroughly check your air conditioning system to make sure everything is in good condition. Whether it’s simply adding refrigerant or replacing the compressor, the specialists at our centre will make sure you get the best and quickest service.

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